The Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad team has placed 2nd in the state of Ohio, winning a medal in 20 out of 23 events. This means that it has qualified for the National Tournament. Our program’s previous best finish had been 22nd place at the state tournament in 2019, and in the program’s short six-year history had only won two total medals at the state tournament.

The team placed 1st in Experimental Design, Digital Structures, and Write It/CAD It. These students have persevered through the pandemic to become the first to represent Hudson City Schools at the Science Olympiad national tournament.

This has been such an amazing season and the support from the community has been overwhelming. We would like to thank the 24 adult event mentors that have spent countless hours working with our students, our build team leaders who have been running practices in the HMS gym every Friday evening for months, and our high school Ambassadors Iris, Jack, and Matthew who have always been willing to help in any way possible. Thank you to our leadership team which includes Chirag Patel, Dr. Fangming Du, and Julie Griffiths. We would like to thank our sponsors, including the Hudson Kiwanis Foundation and the middle school administration. Dr. Cockely has been so supportive over the years, and now Mr. Ganz has really stepped up to the plate to advocate for our program. And we cannot forget, the Northeast Ohio STEM Alliance, who has tirelessly worked to form and grow this program over the past six years.

Our great Hudson community has rallied behind these students, and these students have responded by putting in the time and effort over the years to earn this opportunity. Congratulations!


1st place: Experimental Design (Audra/Daniel/Ethan)

1st place: Digital Structures (Aanya/Luke)

1st place: Write It/CAD It (Audra/Erica)

2nd place: AgriBio (Jack/Tori)

2nd place: Anatomy & Physiology (Erica/Sherry)

2nd place: Codebusters (Daniel/Jerry/Keven)

2nd place: Crime Busters (Jenny/Sherry)

2nd place: Density Lab (Jerry/Sherry)

2nd place: Road Scholar (Audra/Luke)

3rd place: Heredity (Sherry/Daniel)

3rd place: Ornithology (Gemma/Erica)

4th place: Mission Possible (Aanya/Yeonwoo)

4th place: Mouse Trap Vehicle (Aanya/Kate)

4th place: Reach for the Stars (Evan/Noah)

5th place: Dynamic Planet (Evan/Gemma)

5th place: Fossils (Evan/Gemma)

5th place: Game On (Jenny/Ethan)

6th pace: Disease Detectives (Alex/Sherry)

6th place: Meteorology (Ethan/Noah)

6th place: Water Quality (Alex/Ethan)